Prepaid Master Card

The Essential Prepaid MasterCard gives you a safe, secure way to carry your money since its FDIC insured, along with the prestige and convenience of MasterCard.
You can use the card to make purchases online, by phone, or in person at any of the more than 30 million merchants that accept Debit MasterCard cards.
You can use the Essential Prepaid MasterCard to get cash at over 1 million ATM’s worldwide, including surcharge-free when you use an ATM at Essential.
The $1.25 ATM transaction fee still applies. You can even track your spending through your account online.

Essential prepaid currency cards are secure and have a PIN number,
Even though they are not linked to a bank account,
So can be used to withdraw cash in ATMs or to pay for things at point-of-sale terminals.

How does it work?

The Essential Prepaid MasterCard is the perfect alternative to a traditional checking account. The front of the card displays your name, the MasterCard Brand Mark, an individual card account number, and an expiration date. The back includes a magnetic strip. Unlike a credit card, the A Essential Prepaid MasterCard stores value of the dollar amount you choose to load and maintain on the card.
You can load money onto The Essential Prepaid MasterCard at any Essential location. As you use the card at merchants or ATM’s, the amount of the purchase or cash withdrawal is automatically deducted from the card’s available balance.

Are there other advantages?

With The Essential Prepaid MasterCard there are no monthly statements* and instant approval is guaranteed, subject to valid ID verification. Plus, no credit check is performed. You can use your card to track your spending with daily balance and purchase alerts sent right to your cell phone**. Plus, you can even have all or part of your paycheck directly deposited right to your card. In addition, you can load money onto your card at any Essential location * Monthly statements available online or upon request.
** Standard text message and data rates may apply.
The Cash Essential Card can be used anywhere the Debit MasterCard® is accepted, at over 2 million ATM machines and 35 million other locations.

How do I get it?

The Essential Prepaid MasterCard is available exclusively at Essential. For a complete listing of terms, conditions and fees click here. When you are pre-approved you’ll receive a temporary card that will allow immediate access to your cash at ATM’s, and for purchase transactions at your favorite merchants, while you wait for your personalized Essential Prepaid MasterCard to arrive by mail, usually in seven to ten days.
The Essential Prepaid MasterCard is available exclusively at Essential. Visit your nearest Essential Money Transfers location to sign up today!

We Make Managing Your Card Account EASY!

With the Essential Prepaid MasterCard you can view your full terms and conditions as well as your balance and transactions anytime for free at .You can also review your transactions via phone by calling Cardholder Services at 866-Essential. If you would like a paper statement, you can request one from Cardholder Services by calling 866-Essential or by visiting

24-Hour Support!

The Essential Prepaid MasterCard provides 24-hour toll-free automated support. You can immediately report any problems and a lost or stolen card by calling 866-Essential. A replacement card will be issued and any available balance will be transferred to the new card.
The Essential Prepaid MasterCard is issued by , pursuant to license by MasterCard International Incorporated. MasterCard is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated.